MSS Code Factory is hosted for downloads by SourceForge.net.

The GitHub.com source repositories are all located at https://github.com/msobkow.

I find the combination a handy way of getting source and builds out the door.

The 2.9 and 2.10 projects are now all under an Apache V2 license. Most of the code I rely on for my projects is under an Apache license; the same has been true of most work I did for employers or customers over the years. Therefore I have decided to abandon my GPL ideals and release the code under a practical license that encourages greater reuse.

The 2.9 documentation that gets delivered with the main project is complete. You can find an online copy of that documentation at Documentation for 2.9.

Note that you should be using the CFBam 2.9 Editor that is included with the main MSS Code Factory 2.9 distribution for editing your models, not the 2.10 release. The 2.10 release is development code, not production, and shouldn't be used with models you intend to manufacture.

The Latest Builds and Releases

Latest edu.princeton.wordnet.java (development) code: edu.princeton.wordnet.java 3.0.13825 License updated, copyright transferred to Princeton University
Latest internal code: MSS Code Factory 2.8.14105 Undo TableEditObj implementations
Latest production code: MSS Code Factory 2.9.14112 RAM Loaders attempt to create data now
Latest development code: MSS Code Factory CFAll 2.10.14113 RAM Loaders attempt to create data now

Core downloads from Apache.org

Below are the 2016-11-17 updates of Apache.org Java projects that I expect to use for any of the MSS Code Factory projects.