MSS Code Factory 1.6 (retired) Release History

1.6 svn 996 final

This is the last update of the 1.6 code base. All future work will be done using 1.7.

1.7 svn 979 2011-03-16

This is a significant snapshot, as it "primes" the 1.7 release with a copy of the current 1.6 expert system rule base. It's going to take a significant amount of work to implement all the new data types.

1.0.6 svn 963 2011-03-12

1.6.898 New version numbering 2011-02-27

1.0.6 Out-of-band release 2011-02-14

1.0.6 Maintenance release 2011-02-13

1.0.6 Maintenance release 2011-02-05

1.0.6 Maintenance release 2011-01-21

1.0.6 Maintenance release 2011-01-05

Added support for:

1.0.6 Production released 2010-12-21

Production release 1.0.6 is in branch MSSCodeFactory-1.0.6-20101221-PROD.

There is support for:

There is also support for generating schemas for the following databases, though I have not created the rules for the C# ORM layer for them: