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Configuring the Installation

Download a copy of MSS Code Factory from the SourceForge download servers, and extract it. I recommend the following:

cd $HOME
mkdir msscodefactory
cd msscodefactory
mkdir runtime-2.9
cd runtime-2.9
unzip net-sourceforge-MSSCodeFactory-2-9-<version>

I'm going to assume you've extracted it this way as we work through the next steps.

Make sure your JDK_HOME and JAVA_HOME variables point to a valid JDK 8 installation; I use OpenJDK under Debian Linux, with the optional OpenJFX package installed. I have used the Oracle JDK 8 as well, though it causes problems with the build of the CFCore 2.7 project itself due to overly-aggressive optimization. It also causes problems for manufacturing code, because the JIT is overly aggressive about optimization. However, it works fine for delivered projects; you just shouldn't use it for running this tool or building it.

Add the extracted tool's bin directory to your PATH in your $HOME/.profile, and then source your .profile or log out and back in again.

export PATH="${HOME}/msscodefactory/runtime-2.9/bin:${PATH}"

Run the factory to create a default .msscfrc file in your $HOME directory:


Now edit the created .msscfrc, and make sure the following entries reference the directories created so far (adjust as necessary if you aren't using the defaults):


You can specify additional model and cartridge paths as "cartridgedir1" or "modeldir1", and they will be searched in the order specified. You'll probably want to create a separate model directory for your projects, and make it the first model directory searched, with the runtime-2.9/model-2.9 directory being the modeldir1 entry that is searched second (that way when you're working with the editor it will save your models to your model directory by default instead of the directories of the tool itself.)

If you want to give it a thorough test, manufacture the CFDbTest project as follows:


If you here the factory beeping due to exceptions being thrown, something is configured wrong. What you should see is a rapid stream of messages about the source code being manufactured.

When the run is done, you should have a source tree for the project created to $HOME/msscodefactory/net-sourceforge-MSSCodeFactory-CFDbTest-2-10.

Congratulations! Your installation is ready to use.